What Is Binding? Everything London Mistresses You Need To Know!

Pegging, penetrating your man with a dildo and strapon can be incredibly hot for both of you. It can bring you closer together, and you may find the power associated with the markup intoxicating.

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Markup has been around since the 18th century, long before people called it markup or asked “What is markup?” However, it gets a bad rap from people who are prudes or homophobes.


Basically, strapping is a way for your man to feel like he is on the receiving side with the added benefit of prostate stimulation. Not only does it feel intense and lead to different – often better – orgasms, but prostate play can help prevent cancer and disease in the future! What is snapping is a great way to do it by bringing the two of you closer together – if you will!

If your man asked about attachment, you may have negative thoughts, but remember the following:

Pegging is not gay Because your man’s prostate is up his ass Pegging is one of the best ways to stimulate him! But just because he’s into the backdoor game doesn’t make him gay, especially if he’s the one who brought it up for you! Perhaps he found it incredibly difficult to express his desires. This is especially true if the two don’t talk about sex often, or if he was raised in a sexually negative environment. You can make it easier to talk about attachment and other desires by checking out this Sexual Intercourse Guide .

The binding is not wrong, sinful, or deviant. It may be a little weird, but the weird differs from person to person , you may be worried about expanding your sex repertoire because it will make you a “whore.” This is because we live in a society that does not shame people, especially women. More on this.You may have some trouble from the same treatment, and there is no reason to do the same to your man.

It doesn’t have to be a fetish. Fetish is defined as sexual interest in an object or behavior that may be necessary for arousal or orgasm. Your boyfriend might just be interested by accident. After you try it, it may not be for him – or for you. Even if it’s a fetish, it might even be hot for you to try it!

In fact, pegging is very similar to anal sex, which you can already enjoy!

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