Preparation can be as short as a shower or a wet wipe; although, your man could use an anal shower with lukewarm water over the toilet to flush. Unless you specifically want to include an enema in your game, this is not necessary. While you don’t need a condom while stripping, place one over the dildo for easier cleaning. Many people use condoms to clean them during anal sex, although it is unlikely that you will become pregnant from this.

A note on desensitizing spray: You will find many overwhelming products. However, we do not recommend using these products because pain is a way of letting the body know that something is wrong. If it hurts, use a lubricant. Use even more lubricant if you need to. Start slowly and make sure your man is incredibly turned on. A previous orgasm can’t hurt.


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Read this if anal sex or pegging hurts.

A small portable toy or your fingers might be a good extension for a larger dildo ( use anal workouts to increase the size it can take ) and we have a lot of information about anal fingering.Even if your man is excited about the prospect of being tied down, he might feel a little hesitant. Squeezing and groping his ass and stimulating his anus without penetration can help relieve this anxiety.

Get more tips like this in our post on getting ready for anal sex .

You might want to go a little further if you plan on licking his anus. More on it here , or you can check our posts on jobs and how to eat your ass.


Typical anchoring positions are doggy style or when your man is leaning over a piece of furniture. When you get to the main course, you may need to consider other positions for binding than for anal sex due to differences in height. If you are much shorter, it will be more difficult for you to align your strap on his anus. However, there are a few things you can do to make it easier:

  • Have your man tilt his knees forward towards his chest, pulling him down when he is on all fours.
  • He can lie on his back with his knees extended towards his chest, and you can penetrate him from above.
  • Bend it over something short, such as an ottoman.
  • Let’s take a look at some of the prostate positions in this post.There are also tips for localizing and stimulating the prostate that can be translated into markup! our list of anal sex positions can also be helpful. When you are pregnant and have a belly, strapping can be more difficult, but you can still have anal sex.

When all is well, he can have an anal orgasm ( more on that ) from being tied down.


While you may not have a dick to experience penetration (just one of the reasons guys love anal ), there are a few things you can do to make sure you are doing something out of the markup too.

Try to play a role where you have power and authority over your person. Check out the ideas in this post . Anchoring can be either a “punishment” or a reward in your roleplaying scenarios.

Find suits that make you feel strong

Choose a tourniquet that allows you to insert a bullet vibrator to stimulate the clitoris, or one that has room for a dildo to penetrate you during strapping. There are also double-ended dildos that you wear and control your vaginal muscles for a great workout!

Imagine that your tourniquet and toy dick is an extension of yourself. Isn’t that fun ?!

Of course, you can just feel great making your man feel great, and that’s the essence of good sex!

Now you know the answer to your question “What is binding?” Snapping, if done correctly, can be more fun than you might imagine. It could be something you two do a lot, or it could be something special. Be sure to take precautions and use plenty of lubricant to keep you comfortable and healthy!

It contains a range of oral sex techniques that will give your man a full body, amazing orgasms.

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