Now that the reader has already understood what a huge role, even in addition to its main function, the male orgasm plays in the development of the human population, you can talk to you about it in more detail. Why do we need details – but to understand the value of a seemingly simple goal. After all, it only seems that the male orgasm consists of several phases, which even a simple child can remember, in fact, the physiology of the most complex program of the male body looks very impressive. Before I describe how to get from each male his best peak of pleasure in life, you should look inside the program that guides his orgasm. I am far from being an expert on the human viscera and how they interact in the light of the instructions given to medical professionals, but excuse me, how it will turn out, all the more, I do not pretend to be accurate in my conclusions and to be linked to primary sources. This is purely my understanding of this topic, which I trust you, and even use it or ridicule, preferring settled judgments – your body. The most basic, so to speak, primitive basic orgasm is the reaction of a man to irritation of his penis, which we can observe in almost every male in the final phase of copulation.

In this, at first glance, elementary function of the genitourinary system, more than a dozen (!) Processes occur almost simultaneously, in which not only the genitals themselves are involved, but also the brain and spinal cord, as well as the energy-information portal (EIP), which connects a person with the energy-information field of the Earth ( EIPZ). Even in a simplified form, everything looks quite intricate, but not so much that I could not explain, and you the reader could not understand, especially if you set yourself such a goal. No, I will not limit myself to a duty listing of all these phases, and I don’t know them, I will simply reproduce the whole scheme “from and to”, commenting on each moment based on his practical feelings, and you will finish it yourself. But first, I drive to the refrigerator for a portion of ice cream, so as not to get overexcited and interrupt the analysis of the path to orgasm at the most interesting place. For greater clarity, let me number the following, it will suddenly be included in textbooks, and I have such a mess … Let’s start with the very banal physiology that most often users know and consider its work to be reflexive. I do this only to give you the opportunity to compare the reader, otherwise you will think that arousal, frictions, orgasm and ejaculation, as well as rest (refraction) are not only written in one line, but also occur in nature. Physiology of the male orgasm as well as rest (refraction) are not only written in one line, but also occur in nature. Physiology of the male orgasm as well as rest (refraction) are not only written in one line, but also occur in nature. Physiology of the male orgasm

I just thought about it and decided why not let my reader not just read the coming “bullshit” (this is me about myself) at bedtime, but get the opportunity to compare it with the generally accepted theory of male orgasm, deduced by world-class people. Here are just one more phases of these in my course, so do not blame me if there is nothing extra to compare with.

“Arousal – erection of the penis, induration, alignment and elevation of the scrotal sac, partial elevation and enlargement of the penis.”

“Plateau – an increase in the penile roundness, testicular arousal, staining of the head of the penis in a deep purple color, secretion from Coper’s tonsils (preorgasm).”

“Orgasm – ejaculation, accompanied by contraction of the vas deferens, seminal vesicles, prostate; 3-4 contractions of the penile urethra for 0.8 seconds are followed by 2-4 contractions of the anal sphincter.

“Recession – recession of the penile erection. After ejaculation, the man is unable to immediately feel further orgasms. “

As you can see, I did not change a single word, so as not to allow skeptics to trump the fact that I deliberately distort the meaning of what was said, clogging the text with parasitic words. Actually, these same “parasites” do not bite me, so I am not going to present my version of the physiology of male orgasm differently from my usual style, let the rest adjust. The phases of male orgasm as part of intercourse according to Saltykov:

Arousal – a slight erection occurs, during which the penis increases in size, often up to 80% of the state of its full erection. The scrotum thickens, pulling the testicles closer to the body, creating the necessary conditions for the process of “warming up” the components of the future ejaculate. The muscles of the perineum come into tone, starting to lift the penis from the “hanging” position. The secret of the Cooper’s gland moisturizes the urethra, preparing the canal for the fastest possible passage of sperm. The work of the prostate gland is activated.

Readiness – an additional increase in the penis and its simultaneous transition to a “state of full alertness”, when the erection and the angle relative to the horizon are maximum, depending on the age of the man, his sexual constitution and the degree of arousal. The head of the penis swells, while the foreskin, depending on its length, shifts to the base, while moistening the head with the accumulating secretion of the Cooper gland. The seminal tubercle at the base of the penis enlarges the ducts through which ejaculate flows, while squeezing the urethra leading from the bladder, making it impossible to urinate during erection and ejaculation.

Work – the immission (introduction) of the penis into the vagina to the desired depth occurs and the copulative (frictional) stage begins. The foreskin in the process either completely displaces to the coronal (behind the head) region of the penis, or makes frictions together with the head. The testicles and prostate gland finish the process of preparing the ejaculate, and the scrotum relaxes somewhat, drooping. The penis reaches its maximum size, while the erection and tension of the holding muscles are somewhat weakened, allowing painlessly changing positions for copulation.

Orgasm + ejaculation – in a male orgasm, these processes are inextricably linked, if there are no pathologies in the body that break such a connection. The testicles are again pulled up to the trunk, but due to the contraction of the sphincter of the anus, the frequency and depth of frictions increases, a new component of the secretion is released into the urethral canal, causing a burning or tingling sensation inside it. All areas producing ejaculate squeeze it into the mixing area with the transport fluid. The critical stage of arousal causes the muscles of the perineum to make sharp contractions, during which the accumulated ejaculate is pushed through the seminal tubercle, irritating the nerve endings abundantly penetrating its flesh. The force of extrusion depends on the amount of reproduced ejaculate, the quality of muscle contraction and the diameter of the urethra upon excitation. The number of indentations is arbitrary,

Rest (refraction) – the phase that completes sexual intercourse, at the same time precedes the next. A smooth or sharp decline in erection is formed, while the testicles descend in the scrotum to the maximum distance. Semen drops continue to flow down the urethral canal. There is a possibility of urination. The lumen of the channels for the outflow of venous blood increases, and it leaves the pelvic organs, normalizing blood circulation. Some men are able to ignore the resting phase, starting a new sexual intercourse with the achievement of the next orgasm without it, but most males need to restore the readiness of the whole body and this lasts from several minutes to several days.

Here is about the same crap I got in the first version. No, there will be no second option. You know the reader, I’m broke to reread, let alone rewrite … Although it seems like there was a chance to check what was written in practice, so don’t blame me, we will meet detsl later, when discussing the psychology of what I have to do now … Psychology of male orgasm

1) You are a male who has seen a potential object of his future sexual desires with the prospect of genital penetration inside him. The visual receptors transmit the image obtained by scanning the retina to the brain, which immediately converts the images into the so-called chelocode (a set of instructions for exchanging information in the human body and further down the chain). The corresponding center of the cerebral cortex processes the received images, comparing the fresh ones with those already available in the bottomless depths of your memory and comparing them. If the code is comparable to the reference one – a potential partner is your taste and you are not averse to hitting on her, if not – you follow on and do not soar with what you see. This happens much faster than you read this paragraph and you can check it by checking out the first person you meet by looking out the window.

2) A positive reaction to the subject provokes the so-called acquaintance, in the process of which a huge amount of information obtained from smell, touch, hearing, vision is added to the same chelocode. The individual literally jerks to pieces, and you recognize her tastes, smells, addictions, detailed appearance, manners, gestures, superficial thoughts – what the hell. The brain simultaneously processes them, comparing them with what it has from the experience of your previous life: with characters from films and books, types from the circle of friends and relatives, heroines from erotic fantasies and dreams. It is from this heap of information that a general image is formed and the status “like” or “dislike” is assigned to it. Especially high-speed natures prefer express analysis, such as when love at first sight, but only high-speed analysis often turns out to be false.

Undoubtedly, an analysis should be given to both directions of the possible outcome, but we will analyze only one, if the subject is “like”. Indeed, if someone did not come up for some reason, why the hell wasting words and saliva on him – right? So here:

3) If you have a crush on a person you like, the brain transmits a command (chelocode) to the center responsible for pleasure via receptors. He, accepting the code, takes all the activity into his own hands or whatever, instead of hands in his head, and the man begins to “smudge” a potential passion. Depending on your own database and the level of her intelligence, you can either read poetry, praising her beauty in a high syllable and then invite her to have sex in the back seat of your tractor, or directly invite her to have sex in the back seat of your tractor, and then ask her to have sex in the back seat of your tractor. read for yourself, sweetly stretching from the pleasure you have received.

4) Responsible for everything related to sex, the pleasure center, constantly exchanging data with the brain, begins to send the generated sexual impulses to the genitourinary system, as well as to all organs associated with sexual intercourse. By the way, the informative filling of the codes is controlled by the pleasure center, but it does so strictly under the control of the main processor of the brain, which commutes all the activity of the nervous system during this period. The over-excitement inherent in young guys and inexperienced men, as well as the inability to organize the structures of chelokods (young, stupid) into the right streams at the right addresses can cause inappropriate behavior in men during sex. Bacchanalia begins, such as an erection at the wrong moment and its absence in a suitable, inappropriate behavior and speech,

5) Suppose that the bacchanalia did not happen, and the brain worked as a well-coordinated system. In this case, the continuation will follow approximately in the following way: the chelocode goes to the microprocessor that controls the heart muscles, giving them a command to increase the throughput, while the blood flow increases not only to the skin surface, but also to the genitals. In parallel with this part of arousal from the same center of pleasure, a command is given to narrow the capillaries through which blood flows from the penis. In this case, the balance is disturbed and the penis reservoirs are filled.

6) All the same chelocode, only different in content, enters the center of general regulation of the body in order to redistribute the energy released during such excitement and not enter the body into a critical mode. You start sweating, drooling, itching, farting, breathing often …

7) In parallel with this next impulse-message, excess transport fluid, on which the ejaculate is mixed, is dumped into the urethra. This kind of crap is necessary not only for the smooth release of the ejaculate, but also for moisturizing the skin of the head of the penis. So when you have just half-nestled next to your passion, and the “end” is already freezing, this is a normal situation that the brain controls with an accuracy of a millisecond. Do not worry, while you agree on this whole cunning system, you will swell specifically, but it works, and often autonomously and for so many years.

8) The command of the brain makes the scrotum, in which the testicles are stored, to pull them closer to the trunk in order to “warm up” the sperm in order to activate the activity of the dozing sperm. Consciousness understands that the process is not always started with the aim of procreation, but order is order and all mechanisms are launched in a mandatory sequence. To me personally, such an action of the scrotum resembles the operation of a refrigerator and microwaves at the same time, and not to consider such a perfection is the height of stupidity.

9) And then leapfrog begins. The brain is trying to work out the optimal program for sexual intercourse. It only seems that something like that is already written in it “from and to”, in fact, coitus is accompanied by so many side programs that it is impossible to “arrange” them into one common one according to a single template. The transfer of information messages from one center to another begins, while the centers of both the musculoskeletal and the visual, auditory, olfactory, tactile are connected at the same time … Each organ, thanks to feedback, begins to bombard the pleasure center with incoming information, and the more intense the sex, the greater its number enters the brain.

10) The command that activates the prostate gland makes it work in an enhanced mode, secreting a secret, the amount of which begins to increase at a hurricane rate. You can even physically feel how she is inflating somewhere inside, preparing for finalization. At the same time, the seminal tubercle also increases, blocking the urinary canals, because he knows that in the near future they will definitely not be needed, and also collecting the most powerful impulses for excitation.

11) When all processes reach a critical state, I consider the ideal option for a healthy mature guy, the brain, together with the pleasure center, turn on the “death-trigger” with the help of all the same chelodes simultaneously with orgasm. The shut-off valve with a reservoir of sperm opens, the valve holding the secret opens, mixing takes place, and a powerful contraction of all the muscles of the perineum organizes the sperm explosion, or rather the sperm release.

12) At this moment, psycho-emotional excitability reaches a critical point and splashes to the surface like sperm. A man moans, screams, swears, puffs, bangs his head against the wall, kicks his legs, grinds his teeth, bites his lips, growls, rolls his eyes, confesses his love or is cut off to sleep. All programs involved are also disabled, leaving only the most essential to maintain life support. The blood is drained from the organs and prostration sets in.

The set of instructions for the male orgasm is formed at the level of genes, where, ideally, everything is laid out on the shelves. A healthy male will never finish before he gets his penis out of his panties, and will not return it to his panties, before he has finished, but where can one find a healthy one now? Conclusion:

This is the physiology and psychology of the elementary male orgasm. Why elementary – yes, because you did not offer any improvements to this action. No, it tastes very good, but without the raisins, which I will tell you about later. In general, in a nutshell, some people describe this whole process as follows: “… the body temperature, humidity and electrical conductivity of the skin change, the heart rate increases, there is a surge in pressure, spasms of the peripheral muscles appear, a short-term cessation of breathing occurs, involuntary sounds break out, joy, delight arise, pride, satisfaction, etc. ”, but you understand the reader that these are all individual characteristics. Moreover, they are individual, but also dependent on the state and mood of a person in each sexual act. That is why I am not a supporter of generalizations, suddenly who, not going under all this crap, he will start to drive, breaking the life not only for himself, but also for everyone with whom he copulates. Experience, the son of difficult mistakes – it is he who is needed by those who have problems in this area, although if desired, everything will definitely normalize and begin to work out for one or two. Just do not confuse feelings and physiology – this is the main male mistake when the female approach to sexual intercourse and orgasm is put at the head.

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