Life Hack: 10 Ways To Please A Boy London Mistresses

1. Laugh at his jokes. Boys love to be flattered. And if he sees that his phrase (even if not very funny in fact) liked someone, and even more so a girl, you will immediately see a look of approval. Which is already good!

2. Watch him in class and let him notice. Maybe the boy doesn’t even know that he has a fan. You will tell him about it with your looks. But don’t get carried away too much, the lesson is coming.

3. Show interest. Carefully and unobtrusively “merge” into his conversation with other people. Show him that the topic he is discussing with the guys interests you and that you, too, can keep up the conversation.

4. Listen to the music he likes. This is another topic of conversation. You can even read about his favorite bands and artists. Let him know that you also like this kind of music, or at least you know something about it.

5. Joke. If you stand out from the other girls in the class (by the way, maybe they like the same boy), you will have a big advantage. Boys love funny girls with whom they will not be bored.

6. Try to look neat at all times. If you smell good, you are in a clean school uniform, and your nails are not chewed, you can already count on success. Take care of yourself and love yourself, then you will please others and the prince on a white horse.

7. Be sociable and friendly. It is much easier to start communicating with someone you like in a common company, and for this you need to join this “get-together”. Try to show the guys who you really are. And do not be afraid to communicate with his friends, because this will lead to success.

8. It is necessary to see him more often. Do not skip class, because one fine day he may sit with you at the same desk or call you for a walk after class. What if you are not there at that moment? And if his company calls you to go, for example, to the cinema, do not refuse. He will definitely be there!

9. Read more. Boys like smart girls. Read more, study and learn more. You can amaze him with your knowledge in some area, he may like the way you speak. He will be interested with you.

10. “Shoot” with your eyes. Of course, to charm a boy you like, you have to let him know. And what if not a smile and eyes tell about your feelings?

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