How To Have Painless Anal Sex – 12 Tips And Tricks For London Mistresses Beginners

This beginner’s guide on how to have anal sex is comprehensive. You will learn the difference between deep satisfying anal sex, which gives you a full body orgasm, and anal sex, which is painful and messy.

First, I’m going to talk about some fundamental tips for great anal sex, then we’ll go over the actual methods of anal sex and the positions you should use during intercourse. If you want to jump straight to the section on anal sex techniques and positions, click here.I also created a separate guide here on how to fully prepare your body for anal sex (hygiene, etc.).


Before we get started, you might want to listen to my anal sex podcast for some powerful anal sex tips for intense orgasms. You will thwart 11 things you must do to make it wildly enjoyable, fun and satisfying and avoid any pain, embarrassment, or confusion.

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There are many really amazing things that you will discover when you start learning anal sex, but there are also a number of disadvantages that you should be aware of. Let’s start with the pros:

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Anal sex pro

Another type of orgasm – Many women experience much more intense orgasms from anal sex. I cannot fully explain why this is the case. I know that there are thousands or nerve endings in your anus, but there are even more of them in the vagina and clitoris. So if you are currently struggling with orgasm from regular vaginal sex, then you may find anal sex more enjoyable.

The Strange Factor – Another very attractive aspect of anal sex is the “weird factor” or taboo about things that you “shouldn’t” do. Breaking a taboo can be very fun and is in itself triggered. Many people don’t see it that way, but if you can see it, then this is just another reason for having anal sex with your man.

Substitution – Often vaginal sex is out of the question. You may not want to have it if you are on your period. You may have a UTI that you don’t want to get worse. You may even be sore from a previous session. This is when anal sex becomes the perfect back-up plan.

No risk of pregnancy – It’s obvious, but anal sex means there is almost no chance of pregnancy.

Anal Sex Cons

Planning for Needs – One of the biggest problems with anal sex is that it takes some planning. You probably don’t want to try anal after a big vegan dinner.

You will also want to prepare ahead of time, especially if this is your first time making sure you are clean and not in pain. This guide teaches you everything you need to know about getting ready for action before you even try it with your man.

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