What would it be advisable for me to call you?

You might call me Mistress, Miss, Miss Sakura or just Sakura – whichever feels generally good for you.

I anticipate that you should be polite and I will be something very similar consequently.

How would I book a meeting?

Get in touch with me by means of the booking page or send a pleasant request to domme.sakura@gmail.com. In all correspondence, be respectful and affable. Ensure you take a gander at my meetings page to guarantee you know about what I offer and don’t offer. Try not to affront me by requesting sexual administrations.

When will I get an answer?

I attempt to reply when I am free, yet I am an extremely bustling woman and I am not generally accessible for sure fire answers. Be patient and stand by something like 48 hours prior to reaching me once more. In the event that you haven’t got an answer at this point, I likely haven’t got the opportunity at this point.

I’m stressed over protection and don’t have any desire to be seen at the prison.

I absolutely get this. You can be guaranteed that I won’t ever examine you, or any subtleties within recent memory together, with ANYONE. Also, I do mean anybody. I don’t share customer subtleties with different Mistresses, my dearest companions, anybody by any stretch of the imagination.

I just ever meeting from studios that are watchful and flawlessly spotless. My primary prison is extremely near a cylinder station, and absolutely cautious. Nobody will know what lies on pause for you after you’ve rang the doorbell.